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kitchens direct we give you best choice for design your home. Not only that you can get kitchen designs, kitchen appliances, kitchen island, kitchen cabinet and kitchen faucets reviews. kitchens direct we give you best choice for design your home. Not only that you can get kitchen designs, kitchen appliances, kitchen island, kitchen cabinet and kitchen faucets reviews.
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Mini Kitchen Design Tips

Tuesday, March 12th 2013. | Kitchen Decorating Concept

The kitchen is an important element in the house. That’s where the activity begins preparing lunch for the family. A healthy dish originated from the preparation and processing in the kitchen. If the kitchen is messy and dirty and not kept clean, the dishes presented are not guaranteed hygienic.

Designing a kitchen is not as easy as designing a miniature-sized kitchen. Because the kitchen should be able to accommodate all the activities required in the cooking process. Similarly, if you intend to remove a facility or type of need in the kitchen, then it is also not a solution that can be taken to design a mini-sized kitchen. One principle to keep in mind when designing the mini kitchen is trying to organize, optimize limited space for the right target and in accordance with the functions and needs so that it can obtain optimal results.

Mini kitchen design should be able to give the impression of a spacious kitchen. It also must be able to meet a number of important aspects that include services, efficiency, comfort, practicality and beauty. To realize all that it required precision in the placement and installation of kitchen equipment. Take advantage of any free space as possible. Some cookware you can put on a rack mounted on the wall. You’ll want to choose multifunctional equipment. For example, storage racks as well as a dining table. Can also choose kitchen cabinets that can be used as a partition and a dining table. To design, you can own creation or find other references that now you can get easily on the internet, books – guide books, and magazines – magazines.

Lilac hue mini kitchen 400x300 Mini Kitchen Design Tips

Lilac hue mini kitchen

mini kitchen unit 400x278 Mini Kitchen Design Tips

mini kitchen unit

the mini kitchen desk 359x350 Mini Kitchen Design Tips

the mini kitchen desk

Modern Kitchen Furniture and Mini Bar Decor 400x266 Mini Kitchen Design Tips

Modern Kitchen Furniture and Mini Bar Decor

To optimize the function of the room, you must be clever – clever use of every detail of the room. Do not let any space left without function. Therefore, any items that is not necessary for the activity in the kitchen should soon want to move. There’s a good idea to provide adequate lighting in the kitchen. Can also add glass ornaments that give the impression of broad in your mini kitchen.

Equally important is the aspect of staining. Use colors – bright colors. Can also be combined with one of the darker colors to make it look more attractive. The white color is one alternative that you can choose to give a broad impression on your mini kitchen. You need to consider when combining bright colors and dark colors, try dark colors do not dominate the bright colors. Also try to make the kitchen ceiling higher position so that your kitchen feels spacious and roomy. Do not forget to pay attention to air circulation. Make sure there are at least two large windows to circulate the hot air from the kitchen to the outdoors. Better yet, if you complete your mini kitchen by installing exhaust.

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